abartlDuring the 4th World Congress on Tea & Health: Recent Clinical Advances & Applications as Medicalized Food & Beverages, which was helfin Berlin in October 27-28, 2011, a special session was dedicated to Tea & Tea Extracts as Medicalized Food & Beverages.


This special session dedicated to all industrials working with tea & tea extracts will be introduced by Mr Ales Bartl*, from McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP, Belgium by a global presentation about Tea & Tea Extracts: European Legislation, Health Claims and Authorization for Novel Foods.

The aim of this presentation is to provide an overview of the EU food legislation which is relevant for producers of food products containing tea and substances extracted from tea. The emphasis was on to the possibilities and limits of marketing of such products.

The presentation was divided in three parts:

I.   General overview of the relevant EU legislation on foods

a)   Borderline between pharmaceuticals and food (‘presentation’ and ‘function’ pharmaceutical products).

b)   Food supplements, fortified foods and functional foods (application, labeling, claims).

c)   Specific examples: extracts from tea, antioxidants, polyphenols etc.

II.   Health claims

a)   EU legislation on health claims - “Nutrition” and “Reduction of disease risk” claims, slimming and “anti-stress” claims.

b)   Authorization procedure by EFSA, authorized and rejected health claims.

c)   EU legislation on misleading commercial practices.

III.  Innovative products

EU definition and pre-market authorization of novel foods.


If you cannot attend the conference and you are interested by this presentation, you can order the abstracts book by clicking here.


For more information about Tea & Health 2011 programme and special sessions,

please visit www.tea-isanh.com

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